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Ball Consulting Group Launches PR Practice Focused on Housing

Ball Consulting Group Launches PR Practice Focused on Housing

May 28, 2024 – Ball Consulting Group, LLC, a strategic communications firm focused on health care, nonprofits, and education, as well as crisis planning, communications and management, is launching HousingLab, a new “hyperspecialization” dedicated to the creation of new housing and playing a part in overcoming the nationwide housing crisis.

In its 20 years, Ball Consulting Group has represented housing clients and worked on housing policy issues.  The firm now seeks to increase its focus in this key area and to galvanize the efforts of disparate but allied organizations into a singular voice that can enable the development of new housing, defeat the paralysis of NIMBYism, and fight disinformation campaigns that kill too many worthy projects.

Through its HousingLab, the firm seeks to create and implement winning strategies and campaigns to overcome self-interested opposition to well-designed and appropriately scaled housing developments.  It will provide a forum for the sharing of new innovations and ideas; create opportunities for collaboration; and deliver technical assistance on all facets of marketing communications to housing organizations.

“Ball Consulting Group has been an ally in the effort to get more housing built in our gateway cities and we look forward to seeing the ideas that emerge from HousingLab,” said Geoffrey Anatole, president of South Shore Property Management.

“As we cross the two-decade milestone, we want to take bold action to help solve a societal problem: We see far too many communities that have sought to inhibit the development of housing in the name of ‘preserving the fabric’ and other marginalizing explanations,” said David A. Ball, president and founder of Ball Consulting Group.  “We have witnessed the pain of many working people and young people who can’t afford to rent a home, let alone own one.  We strive to make a difference and help solve a problem while advancing the very aligned interests of our housing clients.”

The Ball Consulting Group team has strong subject matter expertise, having represented housing advocacy organizations, developers, architects, a home builder association and a leading graduate real estate development program.  The firm will work to share best practices, cross-pollinate ideas among a diverse client set, and become a one-stop resource to the media and public on the topic of housing.

“As a nation, we have been under-building for decades and the effects have reached a profound point, one that is harming communities and inhibiting the American dream of homeownership,” Ball said.  “Swift action is needed to meet the moment and we want to bring our communications resources to bear so that solutions can be developed and obstacles overcome.”

For more information about HousingLab, visit www.ballcg.com/housinglab.